Bryant Lake Bowl — December 18, 2010

6 01 2011

Bryant Lake Bowl
810 W. Lake Street

Bryant Lake Bowl has been voted “Best Place to Bowl” and “Best Date Spot” in the cities multiple times. And though my visiting brother first disputed the applause for a place where scores are kept by hand and lane mechanics are so elementary, the rest of us found the retro combination restaurant/bowling alley nostalgically charming. And by the end of the night, with both a tasty dinner and score surpassing 200 under his belt, I think he was convinced, too.

Lamb burger special

The dining area is small, but tables easily slide together for groups of all sizes. Most impressive is BLB’s wide selection of drinks. My father was particularly taken (to say the least) with Schlitz in a bottle, while Nathan, Jim and I tried various beers on tap. We didn’t touch the wine list or cocktail menu, but the bar could have handled just about any request – a must, some might say, for a place where athletic skill comes into play.

Pad Thai

For a bowling alley, the menu is pretty diverse and most items are done quite well. Nightly specials scrawled on a chalkboard add to the challenge of deciding what to order. Jim and Nathan both fell for the evening’s special lamb burger topped with tzatziki sauce – a fun hybrid of a hamburger and a gyro – served with kettle chips (we’d recommend them over the tortilla chips, which are salty and dry).  Dad had the 300 Club– a three-layer sandwich with turkey bacon and ham that is so tall it’s almost more interesting to watch someone eat than to actually consume! I ordered the Pad Thai with roasted organic chicken. It came steaming hot, but was too gooey for my taste and didn’t offer a lot of flavor. With so many other items on the menu, and everyone raving about their sandwiches, I’d recommend almost anything else instead.

Above the unique drinks and good food, our service was pleasant and helpful. The waitress nicely handled my dad’s relentless teasing and offered me a sample of the soup du jour when I couldn’t decide. Post-dinner, we hit the lanes for a few rounds of throwback bowling – and a little math practice, as we calculated spares versus strikes. But a word of caution: we’re guessing they don’t spray the shoes, so socks are a must!

After the fun we had, we’re certainly game for Bryant Lake’s “Monday cheap date night” special that packages dinner, wine and 10 frames for $28 per couple.  For us, bowling just got a lot more delicious.

RATING (out of 5 ♠♠♠♠♠)
Ambiance/Environment: ♠♠♠
Menu Selection: ♠♠♠
Service: ♠♠♠

Food Taste & Presentation: ♠♠♠

Total bill: someone else’s treat!

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7 01 2011

Wow! Lamb burgers and Thai food at a BOWLING ALLEY! Impressive! One more thing for us to do in MSP!

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