D’Amico Kitchen — May 29, 2011

7 06 2011

D’Amico Kitchen
901 Hennepin

Few people anxiously await Sunday nights, when the seemingly endless possibilities of fun and relaxation fade for another five days. But the D’Amico and Partners restaurant group found a way to keep the weekend alive a bit longer. D’Amico Date Night serves up one of the best Sunday-night deals in town: 3 courses, 2 people and 1 bottle of wine for a $50 price tag at any restaurant in the family (Parma 8200, MASA, D’Amico Kitchen … Café Lurcat, too, though that menu lists the special as $60).

Squash, pear, pork and blue cheese pizza

Last Sunday, we took them up on the offer. Aside from the outstanding value, the overall experience at D’Amico Kitchen – the downtown restaurant in Le Meridien Chambers hotel on Hennepin— pleasantly surprised us. Right away, we got started on the red wine option: a Cabernet that was nice enough to order again. Aside from the server’s slightly belittling demeanor (“Tonight we have a Cabernet – that’s a red wine.” – we’d have floundered without her assistance), she was nice enough and wasn’t overbearing.

For the first course, Jim had a small gourmet pizza with butternut squash, roasted pear, pork and blue cheese. The crust was crispy, but the toppings were sparse. It wasn’t much more than fancy bar food, but did have a few pockets of good flavor. On my side of the table, the mussels were delightful. The shells arrived steaming in a basil-garlic butter broth, and two pieces of grilled baguette sat on top of the heap, ready to soak up the tender liquid.

We relished the entrees even more. Jim’s gnocchi was mixed with braised chicken and roasted mushrooms and tossed in a gorgonzola sauce. The textures weren’t diverse, but the taste was enjoyable. My ricotta and goat cheese ravioli was light with a fresh tomato sauce over the thin pasta squares. The combination was so simple, but delicious – and perfect for a warm spring evening.

Gnocchi in back, ravioli in front

Our endings were equally sweet. Jim quickly devoured the chocolate marsala cake topped with a caramelized fig puree and eaten with a mini scoop of coffee gelato. It was rich and decadent, so the small portion was just right. I mmmm’d and ahhhhh’d all the way through the baked almond crepes lined with sweetened mascarpone cheese. The sturdy almond flavor was a good match for the soft filling – I nearly licked the plate clean to ensure not a drop was wasted.

Even with a swanky ambiance and sophisticated menu, D’Amico Kitchen was unexpectedly comfortable. The absence of the Saturday night crowd gave a pleasant calmness to the modern décor and delicate lighting, providing the right environment to properly savor the expertly prepared dishes. We’re glad we went, and are intrigued to visit other restaurants in the family – though we may save them for the last half of the weekend. Thanks to D’Amico & Partners, Sunday nights are now worth anticipating.

RATING (out of 5 ♠♠♠♠♠)
Menu Selection:
Food Taste & Presentation: ♠♠♠♠

Total bill, including tip: $67

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